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The Minister of Culture of Ukraine did not see the need to change the law on state language

The law, which enshrined the Ukrainian language as the only state language in the country, must be respected without any amendments. This was announced by the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Volodymyr Borodyansky on the air of Gromadsky Radio.

Borodyansky said that he sees no reason to "announce any changes to this law." He also admitted that he has been speaking Russian all his life and does not believe that those who use this language create the “Russian world.” “And I don’t want to divide people according to the linguistic principle,” concluded Borodyansky.

He also said that for a month now he has been constantly speaking in Ukrainian what he likes. At the same time, Borodyansky believes that after, by virtue of the law on state language, the use of Ukrainian is the duty of an official.

In Ukraine, the law on the state language entered into force

In Ukraine, the law on state language entered into force on July 16. He suggests that from now on, all state bodies and public organizations are obliged to use only the Ukrainian language. “Public humiliation or neglect of the Ukrainian language will be the basis for bringing to legal responsibility,” the Ukrainian Truth newspaper reported then.



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