The immigration authorities of the Maiquetía Airport, in Caracas, have prevented the elected president of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, from entering Venezuela. The conservative president, who won the elections in August, went to the South American country to meet with Juan Guaidó, president of Parliament and recognized as interim president for more than 50 governments.

Giammattei himself was responsible for telling what happened in a video that has been distributed through social networks. “They didn't let us in Venezuela, they escorted us to the door. They have put us on the plane, "said the Central American president already sitting on the return flight. In addition, the Guatemalan President-elect issued a few words of encouragement to Guaidó, whom he wanted to formally invite to his inauguration. So far, no Venezuelan government representative has ruled on what happened.

Shortly before Giammattei's plane landed in Venezuela, the Guaidó press office had described his visit as “historic”. This is the first foreign president who has recognized Guaidó who visits the South American country. The president of the Venezuelan Parliament waited for the Guatemalan president in an official proscenium adorned with flowers and the flags of both countries.

“President Giammattei came to talk about the human rights crisis, about the struggle that the people of Venezuela are giving to recover their democracy. Maduro is an isolated, discredited man, and is therefore increasingly aggressive. We appreciate this noble gesture of the president of Guatemala. We are the ones who have the recognition of Latin America and the world, ”said Guaidó.

Sources from the political team that accompanies Juan Guaidó say that the visit was an initiative of the president of Guatemala himself and that he knew that there was a possibility that he would not be allowed to enter the country.

In addition to this act, the Guatemalan president had planned for this Saturday a private breakfast with Guaidó at the Metropolitan University, east of Caracas, a meeting with opposition deputies and a joint press conference with the president of Parliament, to return on Sunday to Central American country

This same Monday, the Chavez regime prevented British journalist and writer John Carlin from entering. The reporter was deported upon arrival at the Maiquetia airport and was going to Venezuela to give a conference. In February, a delegation of European parliaments, including the Spanish Estaban González Pons, was also expelled shortly after landing.

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