05:40 PM

Monday 09 September 2019

Mona El Mouji:

Maestro Hamada Abu El Yazid, the undersecretary of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, confirmed that Captain Hani Shaker referred the complaint filed by Mansour Hendi, the chairman of the committee against the artist Hakim, in which he accuses him of libel and slander, to the board meeting scheduled for the end of this week;

Abu Yazid said in a press statement that the union did not take any action on the incident, and that the matter was referred to the Council at the next meeting.

Mansour Hindi, the head of the work committee, filed a complaint against the artist Hakim, accusing him of being subjected to him and the union representative insulting and libel before a ceremony in a hotel in Cairo.

The Council will discuss within its agenda at its next session the statement of the calculation of the short period elapsed since the elections, as well as a number of important economic decisions, including raising the pension value of musicians by the end of this year.

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