Inclusiveness and accessibility are major challenges that are beginning to address the video game industry, which demands physical activity that can not afford a number of players with disabilities. To propose a new solution, Bluelinea unveils the Handi Joystick.

Taking over various existing technologies, the French company proposes the first controller fully controllable to the mouth for people with severe disabilities. This is fixed at a support able to handle the movements of the head and mouth. To enhance the accuracy of the object, the Handi Joystick has four tips able to react to inspirations and expirations of the user, and a contact area for the lips. Thus, it allows players with disabilities but able to move the head and mouth to play in many titles, including FIFA or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

As you can imagine, the accessory is quite expensive because pay € 1490 to get the controller, primarily for specialized care facilities. To justify this cost, the company advances the time of research and development, but also the opening to the players of a massive catalog of games. For now, it works on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. On Xbox One, the use is possible but requires additional manipulations, because of the existence of the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

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