The giant black Sagittarius A hole at the center of the Milky Way has increased by 75 times its original brightness for two hours, an extraordinary event because the hole is inactive and is not known to change its brightness.

"We were surprised at first, the hole was so bright that I thought we were observing the S0-2 because I didn't see the Sagitarius A * hole so bright," said astronomer at the University of California Los Angeles, Tuan Do, told Science Alert. Previously".

A team of astronomers led by Du used data collected by the WM Keck Observatory, which is near the top of Mount Mona Kia in Hawaii. The team published its observations dating back to May in the Astrophysical Journal Letters in August.

The team stated that the increased brightness was due to the ingestion of a nearby celestial body by Sagitarius A *, which scientists call this growing phenomenon.




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