Lupillo Rivera He has generated laughter and has even criticized him for his new way of dancing on stage. A fan of the singer took the stage and invited him to move the body like him, after the fact they have mocked in networks for their fun way of moving.

Jenni Rivera's brother surprised attendees at one of his concerts by dancing in an unusual way and interpreting fun steps.

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Rivera and his hip movements, made his fans mock the way he dances, because a fan challenged him to dance like him and it came out just the same.

Lupillo Rivera shared the funny video in which he can be seen when interpreting some very unusual dance steps.

When you enjoy what you do, neither job is … hahaha thanks @ hollywood23mx for such good steps

The funny and crazy steps along with good music accompanied the singer who left with his mouth open to his fans, because they did not think he would dance the same to his fan and we can even believe that Rivera worked out better.

The video of the singer with his fan already has more than 80 thousand views, because apparently it was good taste to accompany his fan and perhaps caused his crazy way of dancing to generate laughter to entertain his followers with his crazy adventures.

That is the Lupillo Attitude x that your audience loves you.

I loved watching lupillo dance the fortnite dances

you're really crazy Lupillo

While some fans called it crazy, others had more fun with their rare way of moving the boat, because Lupillo hardly dances in his performances and less dares to make a fool of himself among his fans.

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At the moment, Lupillo Rivera is making presentations on his most recent record production, De Regreso al Ruedo, which has just released the first single that is titled Saliste Liviana.

El Toro del Corrido is committed to this topic written by Manuel Gastelum Mata, in which he makes a claim to the principles of the woman he loved and the disappointment he suffers.

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