“Kamik” is the newest model of the Czech manufacturer, which is prophesied to become a bestseller in Europe.

An expert on the YouTube channel InfoCar: Auto Test Drives shared his opinion on the new Skoda Kamiq crossover. Comparing the new product with the Suzuki Vitara, which is the most popular crossover in Russia, the Skoda Kamiq has a big plus in its modern appearance. One of the "trump cards" in the design of the exterior specialist calls the front and rear dynamic direction indicators. This is the first time Skoda has installed this item.

The crossover interior is very ergonomic, even tall people feel comfortable behind the wheel. The trim is pleasant to the touch. The seats have lateral support, a comfortable profile and blockage angle. The 9.2-inch screen multimedia system impresses with its size and functionality. Of the "chips" of the system, wireless charging and connecting mobile devices via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are noted.

The Skoda Kamiq dashboard is fully digital and has good visualization. Of the pleasant things, the expert notes the presence of an umbrella in the side driver's door, mechanical plastic overlays on the edges of the doors that protect from scratches, a convenient washer cover and much more.

On the test version of the Skoda Kamiq, a 1.6-liter 115 hp diesel engine is installed. The first cars that will enter the Russian market will be equipped with just such units. According to the expert, although the crossover power is small, it is quite enough both in the city and on the highway. When buying a car, you have the opportunity to choose a suspension with a standard or more sports clearance. Driving is pleasant. Suspension easily copes with bumps in the road.

Summing up, we can say that the Skoda Kamiq turned out to be comfortable, practical, roomy, modern crossover, and most importantly – it can become a direct competitor to the long-known crossovers. The expert was pleasantly shocked by the new Skoda Kamiq crossover. “Skoda, what are you doing ?!” he adds in the end.

Dobrov Roman

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