Chinese investors expect Bitcoin to cost more than $ 30 thousand, Blockchain wallet announced integration with BitPay service, Binance exchange has promised VIP accounts to all clients affected by data leakage, and other news of the past weekend

On Monday, August 26, the Bitcoin exchange rate returned to Friday's level of $ 10,400, although in the past two days the cryptocurrency has been trading near the $ 10,000 mark. During this time, several events have occurred on the market that can affect both the value of individual coins and to the market as a whole. The main ones are in our traditional review.

Blockchain wallet announced integration with BitPay service

Blockchain wallet users got the opportunity to spend their cryptocurrency on goods and services from the network of BitPay partner stores. The companies announced cooperation.

Binance Clients Affected by Data Leaks Receive VIP Accounts

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has promised VIP accounts to all users who have suffered from data leakage on the site. The company said that some of the images that appeared in the public domain, really are related to customers of the platform.

“We contact potential victims, give them recommendations for protecting confidential information, and also discuss the possibility of redress. We strongly recommend that all affected users receive new documents, ”Binance wrote.

Chinese investors expect Bitcoin more expensive than $ 30 thousand in the coming year

More than 30% of investors in cryptocurrencies from China believe that the value of Bitcoin will reach $ 30 thousand in the next 12 months. According to a BabelFinance survey, 31% of respondents cryptocurrency occupy more than half of investment portfolios, 12% invest 41-50% of funds, 10% – from 31-40%.

According to Bitcoin Magazine, in China, they mostly prefer to invest in real estate, so the share of cryptocurrencies in the portfolio above 10% is quite high. 87% of the investors surveyed hold Bitcoin, 58% – Ethereum, 41% – EOS.

According to 27% of respondents, in the coming year, the price of the first cryptocurrency will be in the range of $ 15-20 thousand, 16% are confident in BTC for $ 20-25 thousand, and 17% believe that it will drop below $ 15 thousand. Also, 54% of investors who do not own digital money said they would like to invest, but do not know how.

Litecoin price down 30% since halving

After the reward of Litecoin miners was reduced in early August, the amount of computing power in the cryptocurrency network decreased by 28%. The cost of altcoin at the same time decreased by almost 30% – from $ 103 to $ 73.

Bank of England: Libra-like currency could break US dollar hegemony

The global financial system will change dramatically thanks to currencies such as Facebook's Libra, said Bank of England head Mark Carney. According to him, such assets will be able to put an end to the hegemony of the dollar.

Carney believes that the most favorable scenario for the development of the global economy will be the replacement of the dollar with digital money, or with Chinese yuan or other fiat currencies. The most preferred option, the head of the financial regulator called the creation of a currency developed in the public sector and combining the national cryptocurrencies of various central banks.


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