The surveyor openly praised the new product from the Middle Kingdom.

According to motorist Alexander Belba, the Chinese auto industry in recent years has begun with leaps and bounds to overtake its more expensive and well-publicized competitors. A vivid example of this is the Haval brand, whose blogger didn’t like cars a few years ago, and now he was very pleased to go to the presentation of the F7 crossover, and even wanted to try it out.

First of all, the blogger noted that he liked the interior of the Haval F7, which, in fact, reminds him of the large H9 SUV, only in a slightly reduced version. The gearbox selector seemed very futuristic to the driver, while in the off state, the front panel of the “Chinese” looks empty and boring, but as soon as the engine starts, the car starts to “overflow” with various sensors and devices.

The steering wheel in the Haval F7 is adjustable only in height, but it is difficult to attribute it to disadvantages – the driver's seat can be moved both horizontally and vertically, so this crossover will not be so difficult to adapt to the individual requirements of each motorist. The skin of the front panel of the F7 is rather rough, but you can find pros in this, and the driver is convinced that this will provide impressive wear resistance to the finish.

As dealers explained to the surveyor, you can’t be afraid of a robotic gearbox in a car, because the basis is the classic DSG, which an experienced driver will not get used to. For the maximum configuration of the Haval F7, with a 2.0-liter engine for 190 “mares”, 1.8 million rubles will have to be paid, and according to the author of the video, with such a price tag, the “Chinese” can be safely called the “killer” Skoda Kodiaq.

“The Chinese began to do things. I am surprised by the noise insulation and dynamics of the car, and in general it turned out to be quite solid and beautiful, especially for the money, ”the blogger summed up the optimistic result.

Alexey Lopatin

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