Initially, he saved up money for Geely CK, but the “Chinese” was discontinued, and had to choose between “Solik”, “Polik” and “Vesta”.

At one of the automotive forums, there was a review of the owner of the LADA Vesta CNG, a fuel-fired fuel. The motorist explained why he chose this car, although initially he also considered Hyundai Solaris, Volkswagen Polo and LADA Granta. The latter, in his opinion, is a wretched and cheapened version of the full-fledged Vesta, so he immediately dismissed it.

Hyundai Solaris – a pretty good car, but, according to the motorist, "some kind of flawed." Moreover, the 2017 version is not better than the dorestyling, and in the salon "it smells like China." Also, when buying a Solaris, theft statistics are scary – the Korean remains very popular among attackers.

As for the Volkswagen Polo, the car owner admits that he would have bought a “German” if there hadn’t been a gas Vesta. In the cabin of a foreign car it is very comfortable and pleasant to be, it feels like the interior is made with high quality. But, nevertheless, LADA Vesta CNG is cheaper and much more profitable to maintain.

The motorist was very pleased with the purchase, and assures that the Vesta is many times better than the Solaris. The latter, according to him, is Vesta with a foreign car nameplate, because the quality is not better than the model from AvtoVAZ. Moreover, the "Korean" body is made of low-quality metal. “This is not Solaris and Polo for you!” The driver praised the gas Vesta.



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