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The British project in Russia IXcellerate in the presence of Prince Michael of Kent opened in Moscow
the second data center for hosting client server racks and intends to February 2020
d. to acquire four more sites for the construction of data centers. By 2023 in
they plan to take 15 thousand racks, which should allow the company to occupy 25%
commercial market.

New Data Centers IXcellerate

The company established in Russia by the British structure
IXcellerate, operator of a network of commercial data centers (DPCs),
intends to acquire four sites in Moscow within a few months
for the construction of new data centers on them. The purchase of the first site should
take place in October 2019, the other three – by February 2020.

Such an announcement at the opening of the company's second data center account –
Moscow Two – made by IXcellerate Managing Director Dmitry Fokin. To the opening ceremony of
Great Britain came Prince Michael

Currently the first of the current IXcellerate data centers
Holds about 1800 server racks of company clients. The second is 1480. Four
additional sites could potentially take about 28 thousand racks, but
Fokin considers this level of filling to be a very distant prospect.
The specific plans of the company until 2023 suggest an increase in client placements.
up to 15 thousand racks, which should by that time amount to approximately 25%
Russian market of commercial data centers.


Dmitry Fokin: By 2023, the total capacity of IXcellerate facilities will exceed 15 thousand firm places, which will occupy about 25% of the local market

In a conversation with CNews, Fokine said that now IXcellerate
estimates the commercial market of our country at 30-40 thousand racks, although these estimates
complicated by the fact that for companies like Rostelecom it’s difficult to separate it from the outside
own resources from leased. Accordingly, by 2023, Fokine
predicts double growth of this market associated with total digitalization

Issue price

Volume of investments in the total capacity of two existing facilities
IXcellerate (the first of them earned in 2013) is valued by the company at $ 80


Prince Michael of Kent (left) at the opening of IXcellerate Data Center

As for the use of four purchased sites,
then the company has public investment plans for only two
of them. IXcellerate intends to build two data centers closest in time
invest $ 230 million. “Financing the construction of the next data center is planned, in
including at the expense of credit funds, ”the statement says

IXcellerate Business Parameters

IXcellerate calls its customers over 100
international and Russian companies, including Nestlé, Thomson Reuters, Orange
Business Services, Softline, Chinaselskhozbank, Huawei, Tencent Cloud,

“The main revenue inflow (over 50%) is provided by corporations
from the Asian region, – indicate in IXcellerate. – Company demonstrate
steady growth, its income at the end of fiscal year 2018 doubled
compared with 2017. In 2019, the growth dynamics remains the same. ”

the opened data center

The Moscow Two data center with a declared availability level of 99.999% was
built in close proximity to the company's first data center for six
months. According to IXcellerate, at the time of its opening, current and new
customers reserved more than 85% of its resources.

The area of ​​the machine room of Moscow Two is 3 thousand square meters. m
The company calls it Russia's largest single-volume engine room in
segment of commercial data centers. The data center was designed to accommodate
Highly loaded servers and infrastructure for heavy computing. Him
power capacity is 12 MW, of which 7.5 MW are planned for useful
IT load. Uptime Institute Russia is currently working on
certification of the data center for compliance with the Tier III level.

The aforementioned data center mono-volume implies the absence of
dividing the space into pressure zones, which is designed to increase the profitability of the project
due to optimal loading of usable area.

Among the features of the data center in IXcellerate note the system
automated fire extinguishing with water (distilled, non-conductive
electricity) Hi-Fog fog with the ability to extinguish and extinguish spot
smoke control, air conditioning based on Vertiv Liebert PDX EconoPhase solution, system
uninterruptible power supply according to the technology of prefabricated container modules
Vertiv Power Module, lithium-ion batteries, unified computerized system
Data Center Operations Management (CMMS).

The organizers reported that on campus
IXcellerate organized a single telecommunications transport system:
each data center is provided with two autonomous connections to the cable duct and
own telecommunications room with operators' communication centers. Additionally
both buildings of data centers are connected by optical highways along two independent

A Few Facts About IXcellerate

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, LLC Ikselereyt was registered in Moscow
February 17, 2012. The 100% founder announced the company Xelerate Limited
(United Kingdom). Its shares are pledged to the structures of I-K-Investors
VIII LTD ”,“ Summit Global Data Center Management LTD ”and“ Sa Buska ”.

According to Konturfocus, according to the results of 2018, the balance of Ixelerate
increased by 120% to 1.9 billion rubles. Revenue increased by 113% to 785.8 million rubles.
Net profit amounted to 25.4 million rubles.

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