UEFA announced last May that the stadium in Naples, the legendary stadium of San Paolo, was no longer up to standard to host the matches of the Champions League, a competition that will play the club this season. But the Serie A runner up last season has just communicated the reaction of his coach Carlo Ancelotti on the progress of the work, and the least we can say is that the latter is rather reassembled.

" I saw the state of the locker room in San Paolo. There are no words. I accepted the club's request to play the first two games outside the house so the job could be finished as promised. In two months, you can build a house, they could not redo the locker room! Where should we change to play against Sampdoria and Liverpool? I am outraged by the impropriety and inadequacy of the people who had to do this work. How could the Region, City Council and Commissioners fail to meet their commitments? I see contempt and lack of attachment to the team of the city. I am appalled He explained.

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