The Russian sedan does not concede superiority to any budget foreign car, thanks to its characteristics.

Many Russians seriously consider the 2019 LADA Vesta “a bucket of bolts, while forgetting about the undoubted advantages of this car. The host of the Jeka Mit & Darina Mit channel voiced the advantages of the Russian sedan of the current model year.

First of all, the blogger pointed out that LADA Vesta 2019 has a modern appearance that is not inferior to the design of many foreign cars – the reviewer believes that when creating the car, the developers did not allow any “jambs” and kept it in the necessary proportions. The author of the video emphasizes that the bumper, radiator grill and other elements of the body are made well and tastefully – you can easily put large wheels on the car, which will not spoil the pleasant impression of it.

The blogger believes that the main advantage of the Russian sedan is the spacious interior, in which there is enough space for everyone, and the reviewer liked the comfortable fit. Another advantage of Vesta is the high ground clearance, which reaches 175 mm – thanks to such a ground clearance, LADA Vesta is not afraid of any road bumps, curbs, and the car can easily drive through mountainous terrain.

The blogger also attributed the noise isolation of the Vesta salon to the pluses – with high-speed driving, the wheels and engine make less noise than direct competitors. In addition to the low price in LADA Vesta, you can get a lot of modern “lotions” in any configuration – heated electrically adjustable mirrors, heated windshield, parking sensors, power windows, cruise control, air conditioning and premium audio system with the ability to integrate with smartphones. The seats and steering wheel in the Russian budget sedan can be adjusted for themselves, which also provides comfort.

When driving, the LADA Vesta has good handling, and thanks to the presence of ESP, the car does not drift even on the most slippery road. In general, the blogger did not regret that he had bought Vesta, and its cons can be easily eliminated. “Worth taking,” the author of the video finished the review.

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