The service of the “Grants” in comparison with any foreign car is just “cheap”, the expert assured.

According to the blogger on the popular Kai Grave channel, many of his friends take LADA Ganta FL 2019 on credit, after which they live on credit and pay 15 thousand rubles from a salary of 30-40 thousand. “Gentlemen, it’s just that the people don’t have money, so these cars are taken,” the observer explains his position. Moreover, as you know, the maintenance of this "machine" is not a cheap pleasure, therefore, the expert delved into the nuances of using the "Grant" and told how to save on car maintenance.

However, his advice is aimed only at those dealers who like to deceive people and in order to avoid this, the blogger spoke about a number of some tricks when passing zero maintenance.

So, to complete this MOT on the updated LADA Granta FL, you will need to drive no more than 2-3 thousand km, the browser reports. “The price varies depending on the city and the dealer. It may go from 900 to 2.5 thousand rubles, but not more, ”says the blogger. He spent 910 rubles himself, because at the first MOT only the valves are adjusted, the mechanic checks the gaps with the feeders and if everything is in order, then this is the minimum price.

The expert also recommends being present during the LADA Granta FL maintenance process. Moreover, you should not do a check of two suspension settings – camber and toe. According to the blogger, only one machine in 1000 goes with a marriage, so it’s worth checking these parameters in a year or two.

Sometimes dealers suggest replacing the oil, the expert does not recommend this, since this operation is not included in the zero Grants maintenance. Towards the end of the video review, the blogger ran in LADA Granta FL, installed a tape recorder on it, struts, flashed it and was completely satisfied with the result. He assures all users that the main thing is that they pass zero maintenance qualitatively.

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