The French "state employee" may have design features that are often mistaken for shortcomings, but they can also be eliminated.

The second-generation Renault Logan has long been popular, but already from the factory, the car can deliver a few "surprises." Blogger Eugene SEVUL voiced factory "diseases" of the French sedan.

The most common problem on the Logan with an 8-valve engine is the exhaust system o-ring – for some owners, even with low mileage, an extraneous drilling sound appears from under the bottom. This problem is resolved by replacing this part.

Many Renault Logan from the moment of purchase leave the level of antifreeze – where it flows it is very difficult to find and the dealer simply refills the coolant. After 30,000 km, this problem will disappear by itself. The blogger also noted that on the French sedan, fogging of the inner boot of the left drive is often observed, which is easily eliminated by the specialists of the dealership under warranty.

When you click on the clutch pedal in the Logan, there is a rattle from the engine compartment, which is caused by the play of the damper spring of the clutch disc – this damage can be eliminated by replacing the clutch disc, but it will cost a lot.

In addition, the left steering column switch on the "Frenchman" also fails, because of which the dipped beam ceases to turn on.

Further, the blogger noted such breakdowns as a crankshaft oil seal leak, and valve cover leaking, which is solved under warranty. Often when overcoming irregularities on Renault Logan, there is a knock on the right – such a sound is emitted by the washer reservoir, which has a slight backlash – this problem can be eliminated by wrapping the reservoir with a soft waterproof material.

Dmitry Pavlichko

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