Killmonday Games, the creators of the delightful horror movie “Fran Bow,” which many have called “very creepy fantasy,” announced that the next sinister adventure, “Little Misfortune,” will go to our hard drives on September 18th.

The events of “Little Misfortune” take place in the same universe where the action of “Fran Bow” took place, and they tell the story of an eight-year-old girl seeking to find Eternal Happiness as a gift for her mother. Her new friend Mr. Voice helps her, and together they go to the ominous forest.

The choice you make will have consequences for the whole story, even if it’s some little things like walking around the cemetery with a shovel. And this is not our imagination – this is the official description from the developer.

So far, the trailer doesn’t make such a terrible thing that crawled out on us here and there in the Fran Bow. Everything looks relatively nice, although branded chips like switching the normal and creepy appearance on hand.

I wonder if this is because the heroine takes the drug duotin? Or is the reason different? As far as we remember, “Fran Bow” was surrounded by a ton of speculation, in which some fans got to the bottom of what we were told about the biography of Dr. Mengele and it was happening in a concentration camp.

Judging by the new game, this is not so – are we just dealing with a fairy-tale country … or is speculation still true? Definitely, this developer can intrigue, if so many questions have already appeared before the release of the game.

“Little Misfortune” will be released on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store on PC on September 18, 2019.


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