The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) will prepare an accident report with an Airbus A321 aircraft crash landing on a corn field in the Moscow Region. About this agency TASS told a source in the organization.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, as a result of the study of the incident, a number of recommendations on flight safety, as well as on improving the ornithological situation in the area of ​​Zhukovsky airport will be collected.

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16:50August 15

August 16, it became known that in Russia about 1 thousand collisions of aircraft with birds happen annually. Most incidents are recorded in the summer, when the number of populations of all species of birds increases. In this case, a third of collisions occur in gulls.

Airbus A321 aircraft with 226 passengers on board flew from Moscow to Simferopol on the morning of August 15, shortly after takeoff he had to make an emergency landing. He landed on a corn field near the Zhukovsky airport. According to preliminary data, the airliner refused engines because of the seagulls that got into them. 76 people were injured. Pilots awarded the title of Heroes of Russia.

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