The Assembly will ask for 1,081,219 euros in damages from François Fillon and Marc Joulaud

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François Fillon at the National Assembly, September 4, 2013. PATRICK KOVARIK / AFP

While the trial of the Fillon couple in the case of fictitious job suspicions will begin on February 24 before the Paris criminal court, the National Assembly plans to request 1,081,219 euros in damages from François Fillon and his former alternate at Palais-Bourbon Marc Joulaud, according to information from BFM-TV, confirmed at World by several sources.

“By decision of the presidency, the National Assembly became a civil party at the trial. She therefore requests compensation for the damage suffered, the amount of which corresponds to the wages paid with the employer’s charges ”, precise to World MP La République en Marche (LRM) from Hauts-de-Seine Laurianne Rossi, Quaestor of the Assembly.

This approach proceeds from a purely accounting logic for the budget of the National Assembly, ensure sources close to the file: it is a question for the Assembly of asking to be compensated for the financial damage if the court recognizes the infringements.

According to Yves Claisse, lawyer for the National Assembly, the financial damage that will be claimed at the hearing will thus amount to 1,081,219.51 euros, in respect of the salary cost linked to the employment of Penelope Fillon with his two employers. Or, in detail, 401,230.19 euros to François Fillon for the periods in which he ensured his mandate as deputy (between 1998 and 2002, then between 2012 and 2013); and 679,989.32 euros to Marc Joulaud for the period when he replaced Mr. Fillon when he was minister (2002-2007).

These amounts correspond to net remuneration (salaries, bonuses and allowances) as well as employee and employer social contributions paid from the budget of the National Assembly.

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A trial that promises to be resounding

Three years after the case of suspected fictitious jobs from his wife, Penelope Fillon, who had pulverized his presidential campaign, Mr. Fillon, his wife and his former alternate will appear as from Monday in Paris. Scheduled to run until March 11, the trial promises to be one of the most resounding in recent years. At the height of the incredible fall of the right-wing candidate, a champion of integrity to whom the Elysee seemed promised, finally eliminated on the evening of the first round.

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Justice was seized the day of the first revelations, January 25, 2017 by The chained Duck, and François Fillon had been indicted in March, six weeks before the first round. A first for a presidential candidate.

The examining magistrates, who have been investigating for more than two years, have become convinced that Penelope Fillon, 64, has worked in fictitious parliamentary assistant jobs with her deputy husband and her deputy in Sarthe. Part of the charges of embezzlement, complicity or concealment, which date back to 1981, are time-barred. In the 1998-2013 period alone, more than 1 million euros of public money was “Diverted”, say the investigators.

The Fillon are also prosecuted for concealment and complicity in the misuse of corporate assets, for the employment of literary advisor obtained by Mme Fillon to The Revue des deux mondes of their friend Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, between 2012 and 2013. A job “Pure convenience, without real consideration” according to the prosecution, for which the billionaire was convicted for misuse of corporate property after a separate procedure from ” to plead guilty “. François Fillon, Penelope Fillon and Marc Joulaud face ten years in prison, heavy fines and ineligibility. Their lawyers will plead for release.

Update: Contrary to what we wrote in the first version of this article, the sum of 1,081,219 euros claimed by the National Assembly does not only concern Mr. Fillon but also his former deputy Marc Joulaud.


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