The motorist demonstrated the "advantage" of the domestic "state employee" over the Japanese business sedan, which caused the anger of the audience.

The blogger on the YouTube channel Kai Grave showed that the Toyota Camry 55 is worse than the LADA Granta FL 2019. For this, the motorist demonstrated sound insulation under the rear sofas in both cars. The observer was confused by the fact that the Camry didn’t have any noise and vibration isolation materials under the seats.

When the blogger showed that he was under the back sofa in LADA Granta FL, it became clear that AvtoVAZ did not regret Shumko – under the two layers of dense material there is still a layer of vibration isolation. The blogger also complained about the quality of the sealant under the Toyota Camry 55 seats.

Viewers of the blogger have mixed reactions to the Toyota Camry 55 comparison worse than the LADA Granta FL. Some users noted that the domestic car is well worth the money, but most viewers believe that the browser “sucked out its content” because it is incorrect to compare two completely different cars.

The audience even made fun of the Camry and Grants comparison because they are convinced that a Japanese sedan without sound insulation delivers more acoustic comfort than a Russian car with a Shumka. In addition, users urged the blogger not to forget that the Toyota Camry 55 is a completely different level of quality and durability.



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