Fortnite Turner 'Tfue' Tenney left the event at $ 400,000, the Twitch Rivals, after having big problems with the tournament.

Many people have criticized the tournament organized by Twitch, both because of the mistakes of the organizers, but also because of the BRUTE robots that completely unbalance the royal battle.

Tfue was not the only personality to leave the event in the middle. CouRage also did so after raging when he was killed by one of the controversial giant machines.

Epic Games

The BRUTE raged leaving many players

In total, 6 streamers left the competition prematurely: CouRage, TimTheTatman, Bugha, Cloak, DrLupo and Tfue, because of problems with the game and the tournament itself.

Tfue, who wanted to play without the robots, explained "Well, I think my game is buggy. I'm not in it. It's good ***, I'm leaving. I just wanted to play dude."

After leaving, Tfue trashtalk Twitch commenting simply "I'm not surprised that Ninja went on Mixer", obviously referring to the passage of Ninja on the Microsoft platform that had shocked many people.

Ninja did not clearly explain his motivation for the change, but he explained that it helped him to reconnect with his community, but some people think he might also have hidden reasons, which could be the bad organization of the platform.

Tfue probably took advantage of Ninja de Twitch's departure by recovering some of his subscribers, although it was not a secret that he had already surpassed his rival in terms of viewers.

This small spike launched at Twitch is revealing criticisms that are made to the platform in recent weeks. Is this a reason why Ninja left Twitch? We probably will never know it, but we can imagine that it will be a reason to leave other streamers in the future.


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