Corona in 24 hours Egypt is close to 17 thousand injuries and global health

The Ministry of Health announced the registration of 727 new cases that proved positive for its laboratory analyzes of the virus, as part of the Ministry’s surveillance and investigation procedures according to WHO guidelines, pointing to the death of 28 new cases. The World Health Organization, issued a warning of large gatherings during the celebration […]

“World Health” reveals the best antiseptic for the prevention of corona

09:03 PM Thursday, May 21, 2020 Agencies With the spread of the Coruna virus, and increasing cases of deaths and deaths from around the world, the majority of people live in a state of panic and obsessive about personal hygiene. This leads most people to supply all kinds of disinfectants, by killing germs, bacteria and […]

WHO records “worst day” with Corona

<div id = "firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type = "article" data-bind-html-compile = "article.body" data-first-article-body = " The World Health Organization revealed, on Wednesday, the registration of 106 thousand new cases of coronavirus emerging in the world during the past twenty-four hours, the highest number of infections in a single day so far. The organization expressed concern about the […]

Trump threatens WHO with a final freeze and withdrawal

Donald Trump Critics accuse the US President of being a scapegoat for the crisis. (Photo: Reuters) Washington US President Donald Trump has threatened the World Health Organization (WHO) with a final freeze in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. If the WHO does not commit to “significant improvements” within the next 30 days, he will […]

Accusation of belonging to China: Trump threatens WHO with the exit of the USA

In mid-April, US President Trump bursts his collar: in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, he puts his country’s contributions to the World Health Organization on hold – and makes serious accusations. Trump is now following up and “thanking” China. US President Donald Trump has threatened the World Health Organization (WHO) with a final freeze […]

Infection expert Farrar warns of a second corona wave in autumn

“Learning from Germany”: Employees of the British health service NHS take part in the “Clapping for the NHS” campaign Image: Reuters Germany can be proud of the containment of the corona epidemic so far, says Jeremy Farrar in an interview. But until all seven billion people are vaccinated, everyone remains vulnerable. Singapore-born Briton Jeremy Farrar […]

“Obsessed with panacea”: science magazine advises Trump to be voted out

It is rather unusual for a medical journal to make election recommendations. The British magazine “The Lancet” now feels compelled to do so. The reason is Donald Trump’s action in the corona crisis. The well-known British science magazine “The Lancet” has criticized the actions of US President Donald Trump in the corona crisis and indirectly […]