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20 minutes – that’s what Prosieben says about the fake allegations

On Tuesday, the disclosure channel “Joko and Klaas: How they fake their videos” was published on the YouTube channel STRG_F – operated by the public … Read more

20 minutes – the sea washes away dream beaches worldwide

By the end of the century, half of the world’s sandy beaches will have disappeared: This is the result of a study that scientists from … Read more

20 minutes – He wanted woman for himself, so the other had to die

F. S. * wanted to kill 36-year-old A.V. * on September 9, 2015 with nine pistol bullets, it says in the indictment. The victim was … Read more

20 minutes – «Blind rage has risen on Lesbos»

Ms. Grillmeier *, what is the mood like in Lesbos? It has been bad for a long time. The Greek government announced a few weeks … Read more

20 minutes – man falls to his death while peeing

A passerby reported to the Schruns police inspection on Sunday that he had found a motionless or dead man at around 10.40 a.m. in the … Read more

20 minutes – «Switzerland must now take in refugees»

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (66) has long threatened to give up the EU refugee deal and “send buses to the border”. Now he … Read more

20 minutes – Loredana has to cancel her concert in Zurich

Swiss rapper Loredana (24) should have performed at Club Rinora4 in Rümlang this Saturday. The corona virus now gets in the way of their show. … Read more

20 minutes – “Ask the owner how to disinfect the dog”

For a long time, only humans have been tested positive for the corona virus. On Friday, however, the virus was first detected in a pet. … Read more

20 minutes – is the hype about “Fortnite” over?

Since the battle royale shooter was released in autumn 2017, «Fortnite» has become increasingly popular. The game has long been one of the top titles … Read more

20 minutes – Loredana is booed after her performance

The Swiss Music Awards take place in front of the crowds in Lucerne’s KKL – although the number of guests has been reduced after the … Read more