Scientists have proposed an answer to the mystery of the appearance of life on Earth

It is noted that high-energy particles that penetrate the planet’s atmosphere could affect protoorganisms, forcing them to develop homochirality inherent in all modern living organisms or the same chirality. Chirality is the property of a molecule to form two forms that relate to each other as mirror images. In order for this property to manifest […]

Germany: “We supporters are no longer worth anything”

“The first and second German football leagues will be able to continue playing according to the agreed rules, from the second half of May.” When Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the resumption of the Bundesliga on May 6, but behind closed doors, Germany did not rejoice. Several Länder leaders had expressed their opposition to this takeover […]

Look at the photos of the last supermoon of 2020

This Thursday, the satellite is closer to Earth and therefore has a special size and brightness. Enjoy the first pictures. This Thursday, the Earth is enjoying the last supermoon of 2020, when the only natural satellite on our planet takes on a special size and brightness from dark to dawn. During the night the Moon […]

They found the closest black hole to Earth

The work of scientists from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) found evidence of the invisible object while examining its two companion stars from one of the modern telescopes at the La Silla observatory in Chile. Located in the constellation Telescopium, the system found is so close that, on a clear night, the stars can be […]

Bad Gyal stop at Alicante with his tour on March 7

The Spanish tour of Bad gyal scheduled for March 2020 has made ‘sold out’ complete just a week after the artist announced it on their networks. Some dates, such as those in Seville or Granada, were sold out a few hours after their sale. Now Bad Gyal adds four more shows to the #BadGyalSoundSystem tour […]

Jaguar Land Rover will gradually resume production from May 18

ABC Motor Madrid Updated:04/24/2020 12: 24h save Related news Jaguar Land Rover will gradually resume production from May 18, starting with the manufacturing plants in Solihull, in the United Kingdom, as well as in Slovakia and Austria. In China they are starting to see a recovery in vehicle sales and customers are going back to […]

New Land Rover Defender: Incomparable and Unstoppable

YE. Madrid Updated:04/24/2020 01:53 save Related news The new Land Rover Defender is already here. The reinterpretation of an icon for the 21st century is smart, capable and safe for the whole family. There is no other vehicle like it. The new Defender is intended for the most adventurous and curious, who appreciate community values […]

see the planet with new eyes London Updated:04/22/2020 16:12 save Danish artist Olafur Eliasson wanted to join the celebration, today, of Earth day with a very ambitious project: invites viewers from all over the world (virtual, yes) to rethink how we see planet Earth. From 10 this morning he launches nine images of Earth in orange and pink with a […]

The impressive image of the huge asteroid that will approach Earth on April 29

ABC Science Madrid Updated:04/20/2020 20: 09h save The headlines of half the world collected that the asteroid 52768 (1998 OR2)It will “touch” the Earth on April 29. It is a space rock of between 1.8 and 4.1 kilometers in diameter who will approach us to 0.04 astronomical units and at a speed of 8.69 kilometers […]