Amateur football: “A club like AS Saint-Priest, you can’t shoot it like that!”

Stade Jacques Joly of AS Saint-Priest, March 7. The pennant team (in N2, fourth echelon of French football) narrowly bowed at home against RC Grasse … Read more

Solidays canceled, 3 million euros to be found

It was to take place from June 19 to 21 at the Longchamp racecourse, like every year, and this year’s poster was particularly rich: Black … Read more

Vaudoise Assurances grants rent reductions and deferrals

Zurich (awp) – Vaudoise Assurances has decided to grant postponements, reductions or even rent exemptions to its commercial tenants “in the most delicate situations”, the … Read more

Cinema: distribution facing the confinement puzzle

On March 14, when spectators learned of the cinemas’ decree being closed until further notice, reactions from some suggested that devotees had taken the altar … Read more