Luca Hänni finishes 3rd with Christina Luft in the final

Luca Hänni finishes 3rd with Christina Luft in the final “DSDS” winner Luca Hänni (25) is pretty good at singing and music – but does he have what it takes to be “Dancing Star 2020”? There was already a foretaste at “Dance Dance Dance” – and that was promising! Finally, he took first place. In […]

Bella Hadid shows off her corona streaky

Bella Hadid presents her “belly fat” The Corona pounds do not stop at supermodels either. This now shows Bella Hadid (23). The “Victoria’s Secrets” angel, who is otherwise always very well trained, presents himself on Instagram quite unfit in a bikini – with a little “belly fat”. And the fans are excited! “Thank you for […]

HBO Max Is Hollywood’s Newest Streaming Upstart. Can It Become a Star?

The launch of HBO’s streaming service was just three weeks away when HBO Max boss Kevin Reilly laid out the situation for his fellow executives on a video call. The good news, he told them, was the service had more than 100 shows in various states of production. The not-so-good news? Many were in limbo […]

An unusual step .. Netflix decides to cancel the contributions of some of its members

<div id = "firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type = "article" data-bind-html-compile = "article.body" data-first-article-body = " Netflix said it will ask customers who have not used its platform during the past year, if they want to keep their subscriptions, and if the customer does not respond, we will automatically cancel the subscription. The move by the company, which […]

Entertainment: The end is in sight at the drive-in boom

I.In America in the early 1960s they were considered the latest craze. Drive-in cinemas opened everywhere on the outskirts, on the flat land. Families rolled with their children and cones in their polished car bodies onto the huge storage spaces, stocked themselves up at the snack bars with fast food and were sprinkled. Loving couples […]

Lilli Hollunder suffers from the consequences of Casper’s birth

The unadorned truth Lilli Hollunder: “It tore me up well below” Stand, walk, sit – currently Lilli should hurt just about everything. The reason: “It tore me up well below. That’s the truth of a birth, which you don’t think about before.” Even if the birth of your own child is the greatest, the former […]

Parallel universe: NASA confirmed that it exists |

A group of scientists from NASA claimed to have evidence to confirm that there is a parallel universe and that is right next to ours. The researchers stated that in the parallel universe, all the laws of physics could be completely opposite to what we know. In other words, a world where time goes backwards. […]

Gregory Tyree Boyce, ‘Twilight’ actor, found dead with girlfriend

He was 30. According to the coroner’s office, Boyce was found dead with Natalie Adenike Adepoju, 27, at a residence on May 13. The cause and manner of death is still being determined. A public information officer for the Las Vegas Police Department told CNN in an email that the deaths were “not a criminal […]

Is an impending ‘mini ice age’ approaching? This reported by NASA

Author: Money in Image MEXICO CITY. The POT has gone out to clarify that there is no imminent “ice age” or “mini ice age” caused by an expected reduction in production of energy from the Sun in the coming decades. Throughout its useful life, the Sun naturally undergoes changes in energy production. Some of these […]