More than a dozen packages were found on two beaches in Florida on Tuesday after storm surge from Hurricane Dorian hit the US East Coast.

The first brick-sized package was found in the sand by a person who gave notice to the police when he approached the beach to see the great waves caused by the natural phenomenon.

Cheryl Mall, a Melbourne Police spokesman, said at a press conference that the package was located in Paradise Beach Park around 8:07 in the morning on Tuesday reported the USA Today.

One of the officers observed that the package was wrapped in a way in which narcotics are packed by illicit drug dealers.

The package had a word printed on a label, but the only visible letters that were disseminated by the authorities through a photograph were: "DIAMANT". Police refused to comment on what was written, he said NBC News.

After doing a test the police found that it was a kilo of cocaine (about 2.2 pounds) and reported that its content would be destroyed.

Later on the beach of Cocoa Beach, located about 14 miles north, another 15 packages were found inside a canvas bag that had been dragged by the waves, Sergeant Manny Hernandez told NBC News.

The nearly 56 pounds (26 kilos) of cocaine found in the packages were delivered to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service.

Floating cocaine

During the first days of August, the Coast Guard discovered six bales of cocaine with about 284 pounds (about 130 kilos) floating off the coast of the Florida Keys.

The value of the drug was valued at 3.8 million dollars. In the Orlando area alone, it is estimated that one kilo of cocaine is worth between 20,000 and 30,000 dollars, the newspaper reported The Miami Herald.

The Coast Guard has increased its presence in different areas of Florida that have been designated as a drug transit corridor from Central America to the US.

Hurricane Dorian, now Category 2, hit the East Coast of central Florida on Tuesday night where the evacuation of more than one million people had been ordered.

The hurricane alert continues in the states of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Before heading to the United States coast, Dorian hit the Bahamas, where at least seven people died.

In photos: The sea route of cocaine that travels from South America to the US mocking radars



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