A natural spectacle was observed on Lake Starnberg: A wind trouser was formed on Sunday afternoon.

Update from September 10th, 9.53: Only twice has Walter Kohlenz of DLRG Pöcking-Starnberg seen a wind trousers on Lake Starnberg. Last Sunday and 2017. He must know: since 1994 he has been in the water rescue.

On Sunday he had rescue service together with colleagues. Suddenly his colleague says: "Boa, look out!". They go out the door, it is raining heavily. Then you will see the natural spectacle.

"It was very nice to watch," says Kohlenz. The water from the lake had turned in, the column had pulsed, has become wider and thinner.

"The water pants were not dangerous," says Kohlenz. Not like in Tornado movies. As an inexperienced swimmer you could easily lose your orientation at the water tornado. The water mist would worsen visibility.

Water pants are created when the water surface is warmer than the air above it. The thermals pull the water upwards. "The water had 16 degrees on Sunday, the air only nine," says Walter Kohlenz.

A breeze on Lake Starnberg from two years ago.

© DLRG Pöcking-Starnberg

"Impressive": waterspout sweeps across Lake Starnberg

First notification of 8th September:

Possenhofen – Strong wind was not blowing, but it was raining heavily – and at the same time a wind-troop formed on Lake Starnberg. "Impressive," commented Walter Kohlenz from the DLRG Pöcking-Starnberg, who watched the phenomenon of the guard station in Possenhofen with other volunteers. The DLRGers also shot the photo. Around 15:45 o'clock had built on Sunday about 40 meters high wind pants. This is the name of a tornado that arises over a water surface.

Possenhofen: Tornado sweeps across Lake Starnberg

He had not seen how the phenomenon had formed – but for about ten minutes the hose was visible, pulsing a bit and dissolving. As the wind trousers dissolved, the "Seeshaupt" drove by. A threat was the wind pants for anyone – the lake was like swept.

Even a tornado formed once on Lake Starnberg – on a quiet Saturday. Some people witnessed the weather phenomenon. Also on Lake Starnberg made pollen a natural spectacle. The aerial photographs were spectacular.


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