All his life saying "Naik" and it turns out that he says "Naiki". Or speaking of Microsoft, when he pronounced "Maicrosoft". Well, it is something similar to what has happened to us now, when Sony has revealed that the hundreds of thousands of times we have referred to the X button on the Playstation controller as X, we have screwed up. Because reading friends, it is not an X, that is, an X, no. It is a cross (cross in English).

As that graffiti said, "we have cheated"Our life has been a lie. According to the official Sony account on Twitter, that lifelong X is really a cross. Don't you believe it? Here's the truth about Sony:

Millions of cheated players around the world, talking about a Play button that didn't exist. And from Sony making jokes:

When some tweeters stir, there they follow, the people of Sony, doing theirs:

And as many of us saw those mythical lessons of Coco in Sesame Street, we will explain to Sony what a cross is with a tweet that makes it clear:

So yes, Sony friends. That for you on a cross. For us it will remain an X. Thanks for trying, but it doesn't strain.

Sony – Dualshock 4 V2 Wireless Controller, Color Blue (Wave Blue) (PS4)


€ 53.49


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