The expert showed what the “four” can be with mileage under 250,000 km.

On his YouTube channel dedicated to various “old, rusty buckets,” the motorist decided to talk about his latest purchase. Most recently, he needed a car for work and periodic attempts to start the “cramp” project, and the driver chose the 13-year-old VAZ-2114, released in 2006, which managed to roll 245,500 kilometers.

The former owner wanted to help him out for 29,000 rubles, but the author of the video managed to bargain to 20,000. The condition of the car is clearly indicated by the fact that looking at this VAZ-2114 is not scary only in the dark, when most of the car is hidden from the eyes of observers. The only good thing about this car was the bottom on which, to the blogger’s surprise, no serious rust was found.

The thresholds have rotted through, the door does not close normally, the missing trunk lock, the brakes are completely “none”, the ignition switch has been torn out – everything said that the machine would have to be pretty “conjured” if the driver eventually plans to use it for its intended purpose. “Four is rubbish, frankly. It is necessary to sort it out completely, clean the seats, the dirt is full, spare parts around the cabin are lying around, ”the motorist shares information.

At the same time, he clarifies, the VAZ-2114 will start up for 20,000 rubles the first time, and as for a “sat-off” car, it’s really nothing. First of all, in order to at least just drive this car, the surveyor plans to repair the brakes, attach the ignition switch to the place and tighten the driver's seat stronger, since now it is swinging from side to side during the ride.

“You can look at it now only in the dark – otherwise it hurts your eyes. But not to say that there was something that could not be expected. A cart for 20,000 rubles, what did you want? ”, The driver finished.



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