Today, Thursday, September 12, 2019, the Moon is in Aquarius moving to Pisces, in the vibration of six, that of love: The planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the planetoid Pluto are still retrograde.

Certain people in your environment make you uneasy and therefore or You must be very reasonable not to let yourself be suggested by the negativity since this weekend there are some people in your environment who have the natural ability to "get you crazy" with their claims.

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If your sign is from the element fire, that is, the signs Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, avoid acting emotionally because you would be ending a love relationship by looking at both the details and not the whole. Put into practice that dynamic and determined side of your sign that others like so much and conquer hearts.

Take advantage of the current moon phase to finish what is not useful and rethink the way you are conducting your emotional and economic issues. Your partner requires that you listen to it, and the sentimental decisions of both in the present and future will depend on you. Fortunately you have the mental capacity to transform reality in your favor in an effective way attracting love and happiness to you.

If your sign is from the element land, that is, you are a native of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you tend to be somewhat scattered so this Thursday you must be very alert since domestic oversights can cause you accidents in the kitchen, slips on the floor and other problems that would affect your health . The opportunities will rain if you are unemployed, the important thing is that you do not decay or lose your enthusiasm at any time.

Although initially they tell you that "no", avoid giving up, he insists, keep going on everything. During these days you tend to meet delinquent people. If someone owes you money, you must insist again and again to be able to receive payment from someone who is becoming the undersigned or a company that refuses to pay you. In the midst of everything, live! Do not let yourself fall or fall for nothing or anyone, every morning brings with it the possibility of favorable change, of hope.

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In the case of the element natives air, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the double impact of retrograde Uranus and Saturn causes certain emotional uncontrolles that can harm you if you are not prudent in what you do or say. Do not go to turn a summer breeze into a cyclone because today everything that happens to you is impregnated with an air of exaggeration and drama.

Try to look at the problems that arise with a happier and optimistic dynamic because the questions and answers to all the questions of today are in your mind. Impulsivity, when it comes to speaking, can help or harm you. Love turns you around, but also precipitation and this tendency usually leads you to promise what you could not accomplish later.

Finally, if your sign is from the element Water, that is, you are a native of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, current planetary transits cause secondary problems in your skin. If you start to notice dryness due to excessive weathering it is time to reinforce the humidification with creams that retain water in your tissues.

Labor issues are well sponsored so don't worry if you have recently heard disturbing rumors since, happily, they have nothing to do with you. Everything is going as it should be. The expected money will arrive in its moment although now it seems that it is far from you. Soon they will propose a good business that will help you increase your income and have in your hands what you need. Be guided by your intuitions, this is the ideal weekend to change the routine.

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