The first of September deserves to be a national holiday for health in Egypt, as it represents a milestone in the history of Egyptian health reform, with the official launch of the new health insurance system in Port Said, later extending throughout the republic, to provide medical services of international standards without discrimination.

For the first time after September 1, all Egyptians, without exception, have a health care system, all of which are in front of the service. Here, the risks of treatment for the first time move from the pockets of citizens to the state treasury. The state is committed to guaranteeing treatment, whatever its costs. So as not to equal the global cost of treating any disease.

If you ensure the provision of the service will jump to your mind as a patient important question, how do I get health insurance service? The health service within the new health insurance system that President Abdel Fattah El Sisi pays special attention, as a true pillar for building the Egyptian human being, will provide citizens with the highest quality that conforms to the international codes and standards that are based on institutional and governance principles.

The new system is a true embodiment of the use of technology, for the first time the citizen is registered electronically, and opens a family electronic health file, preserves his and his family's complete data, with utmost confidentiality, and ensures him referral to hospitals for medical services of a higher level if required, and the system ensures accurate follow-up to a doctor Family to the family, allowing early detection and treatment of diseases quickly, and therefore bear lower costs, and saves manpower, than if the disease was detected late.

The actual start of the system writes end two large health systems serving the Egyptians over many years, namely the treatment at the expense of the state and the old health insurance to make all Egyptians under one umbrella to ensure that the exempt from the fees or contributions and also bear for the owners of chronic diseases all the costs for life The service to them is 100% free.

September 1 witnesses the shift of service from the responsibility of the Ministry of Health to three senior bodies responsible for providing health care to Egyptians over the coming years to lift the hand of the service, although it retains some of the tasks such as preventive services and intervention in disasters and crises.

Finally, a word of thanks to the young people who are leading Egypt's dream of crystallizing a national health system for our precious people, planted its main seeds, to reap the fruits of health reform, the most important of which is 100 million health for all Egyptians.

Comprehensive Health Insurance


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