Dr. Saad Mekki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Dakahlia, announced the seizure of 60 medicinal items that are banned in public pharmacies and are not registered in the Ministry of Health and without invoices in the cities of Gamasa and Mansoura.

He added, "Mekki", has been seizing drugs affecting the psychological state without bills and medicines for hospitals of the Police Authority and prohibited circulation within public pharmacies and belonging to the General Authority for Health Insurance and medicines free medical samples prohibited from circulation or sale.

The governor of Dakahlia stressed the need to tighten control on the drug market and address the offenders to maintain the health and safety of citizens and intensify traffic on pharmacies and medical facilities.

The Undersecretary confirmed that the seizures include medicines including tablets and ampoules totaling 3500 tablets and 100 ampoules between expired drugs and medicines not registered with the Ministry of Health.

He added that the seizures were seized and 9 minutes of all violations were written and legal procedures were taken against a number of pharmacies for the absence of the responsible pharmacist during official working hours.


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