The secret is in human genes.

The level of diseases associated with the cardiovascular system has increased so much that it began to occupy a leading place in the number of deaths. Scientists began to solve the problem. This can not only reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes, but also lead to eternal regeneration of the body.

So, the researchers managed to create a revolution in eternal life by analyzing and conducting an experiment on animals that are capable of regenerating some parts of the body. After creating a complete database on the basis of data on the regeneration of the heart of a newborn mouse and some reptiles, specialists were able to understand how this function can be introduced into the human body. CcL24 protein has become essential for successful organ cell repair. Scientists have also discovered the RNA-binding protein Igf2bp3.

All this suggests that immortality has already come. The question is in time and what kind of people can find eternal life. It is possible that after such a revolutionary discovery and introduction of therapy into reality, chaos will begin. In addition, for some reason, such as religion, political reasons, and the characteristics of each person’s genes, this approach may simply be impossible. In another case, along with bioengineering, the implementation of cyber punk is possible in the near future. This will make both the body and the brain invulnerable. Using genes, it will be possible not only to avoid heart attacks or become immortal, but also to get rid of negative qualities.

At the moment, scientists are still working on this discovery, bringing the therapy to perfection.



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