On the Tegelberg in the Allgäu it came with a Tandemdrachenflug to a momentous misfortune. A family man is killed, his daughter is injured.

Schwangau – When a hang glider crashed, a 55-year-old family man from Hesse lost his life on Tegelberg in the Allgäu. His 19-year-old daughter was seriously injured in the common tandem flight on Wednesday afternoon, the police said.

Schwangau: Deadly misfortune on the Tegelberg – father dies, daughter in the hospital

Father and daughter had started in good weather towards the valley when the aircraft did not gain in height, but suddenly tipped away and crashed. The hang glider hit a trail and rolled over. The 55-year-old died at the accident site, the daughter was taken to a hospital.

In a flight accident in Mallorca, a whole family was wiped out. For a German doctor and his wife, a glacier lake becomes a death trap. At Dent Blanche, two German mountaineers fall to a height of 4,000 meters.



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