Solomon Nazar, technician of the UPNFM he got upset about his actions in the 3-1 loss to the Motagua, but without letting the performance of the match referee escape.

"We knew it was a complicated game, Motagua is a good team, but the first minutes we did quite well. Moreover, the goal that Junior (Padilla) makes is lawful, I watched on television and it is," he said.

In his trouble, the helmsman of the Wolves commented. "We make things easier for Motagua because we allow children's goals, and that can't happen in a match of this nature."

Solomon Nazar He has been characterized by being a calm man, but this afternoon everything was left behind and he lost his peace with the actions of the referee Armando Castro: "For the first time I am going to talk about arbitration and I did not like it at all. I see why in the final they scolded this referee playing Motagua. Tolerant with Motagua and auction, the commissioner who is (Edwin Banegas) allows them to hide the balls and that cannot happen. They have not been able to correct this and the National League is comparsa in this regard. It is good that they beat us, but that they do it correctly. "


He added: "I did not like the attitude of that referee, or the commissioner because they allowed many things. First that he annulled that goal, then, how much time was lost ?, and only gave five minutes. We can not like this, this football like this he won't walk. For the first time I talk about a referee and with that guy Motagua doesn't lose a match. "

Názar went a little further to ensure. "It was not a good game, it was very tolerant, Motagua did what he wanted with him. All the disputed faults were in their favor and cannot be. They are always wrong in favor of the big team and that cannot happen."

Another aspect that bothered the DT of the Wolves It was: "What the balls hide is unfair, that should not exist and the National League does absolutely nothing to correct that situation."

Nazar He believes that the goals they received took a toll on the mood. "When there are such goals, anyone is demotivated. In the second half we wanted to start and an innocent goal falls again. I think they beat us well, there is no doubt, but we make things easier."

The university strategist was not overlooked by the commissioner Edwin Banegas and he ended up saying: "I don't like the referee's attitude and the other thing about the balls. I tell the commissioner, but since he is Motagua and he even made a club book. They can't put it, it's tolerant too, that shouldn't happen in football. Let's not ruin the best we have in the country, "he concluded.

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