Rumors and concern for his health: is the life of Julio Preciado in danger?

Prized July.

Miguel Larrauri / Reform Agency

For some months, the singer Prized July He has had health problems, so he has been forced to have hemodialysis twice a week to control his kidney failure, while getting the ideal person who can donate a kidney.

It was the same singer who explained that a kidney transplant is necessary but the doctors gave him two years to do it. "I am very well, if I occupy the transplant, but in about two years, depending on how it evolves. A machine will arrive in Mazatlan that does the same thing as hemodialysis, you connect four hours and it cleans you, there are many new things to endure while I transplant", he pointed.

The Giant of the Band He explained that while this is happening, some of his family members are being analyzed so that one of them will leave the possible donor. “It cannot be one of my children, because it can be hereditary, they want to give it to me; but the doctors recommended me that no, why they can inherit the problem; my mom inherited it from me, ”confessed the singer.

He added that one of his sisters or brothers may be the donor and only awaits the result of the tests that are performed to decide when the transplant is done, meanwhile he continues with hemodialysis, in addition to being also treated for the problem of circulation that afflicts him and forces him to sing sitting in his presentations.

"I do not sing with my feet, I do it with my heart and throat and the public understands it very well; I am singing very well and that is reflected in the work, because employers hire me often and I have not stopped working"He finished.



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