The boss of the federal prosecutor in Puerto Rico, Rosa Emilia Rodriguez, He said that at the latest in the first weeks of September there will be more arrests for government corruption.

The official did not specify for which case they glimpsed this outcome since the investigations are confidential. He said, however, that they are still active investigating several corruption cases that could lead to arrests soon.

“(The arrests will be) before the end of the month or at the beginning of September… To all those who violated the law that they abide,” he said during a press conference in La Fortaleza, where he arrived to meet with Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced.

The meeting with the new president came other heads of federal agencies on the island as Douglas Leff, boss of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Puerto Rico.

Rodriguez said he hoped to talk to the president about issues such as carjackings, the cases of murder in which they cooperate and violent crimes in general.

The federal prosecutor was pleased with the governorship of Vázquez Garced, with whom she collaborated closely when the now governor served as secretary of justice and as a district attorney for Bayamón.

At one point he even joked because Vázquez Garced had robbed him of prosecutors, in reference to Dennise N. Longo Quiñones, who worked in the federal prosecutor's office and on Sunday was appointed as secretary of Justice, and Olga Castellón, who until the end of September will be working as head of state prosecutors.

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