Rivian Amazon Prime

Amazon has announced an agreement with US start-up Rivian for the purchase of 100,000 electric utility vehicles for delivery. The model in question would not have been presented by the car manufacturer.

Earlier this year, US-based Rivian said it had completed a $ 700 million fundraiser. Among the main investors, there was a name for the less famous: Amazon. Therefore, we imagined the possibility of collaboration between the two companies …

A rather massive electric utility vehicle

It is ultimately Jeff Bezos himself, P.-D.G. of the world leader in e-commerce, which has sold the wick. Rivian will manufacture 100,000 electric vans for delivery, as part of an agreement with Amazon. The estimated price of the vans is $ 40,000 each.

Rivian Amazon Prime

For the Seattle-based firm, the goal is to show its involvement in the fight against global warming. The new electric vehicles should be gradually deployed on the roads, between 2021 and 2024.

However, so far, the manufacturer had announced only two future models: a pick-up, the R1T, and an SUV, the R1S. New information should soon be revealed about this mysterious utility vehicle …

Source: Electrek


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