Rotterdam National coach Otto Becker still has hope for another European Championship medal before the singles final of the show jumper. "There's something going on," said the coach after the team silver and before the two other European Championship rounds on Sunday in Rotterdam. "That's still within reach."

However, the German show jumpers have to hope for the mistakes of the competition. Daniel Deußer is seventh with Tobago, Simone Blum with Alice Eighth. It leads the Brit Ben Maher with explosion in front of the Belgian Jos Verlooy with Igor and the Swiss Martin Fuchs with Clooney.

"Just as our horses have jumped so far, they still have the chance to get ahead," said Becker, who was very satisfied with team silver. "That's not a given in the balanced field," he said.

The Belgian victory is fair, and for the German coach Peter Weinberg "I am particularly pleased". At the same time, the Belgians managed to qualify for the Olympics, which Germany had already secured for sure.



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