At a time when the protection of our personal data and anonymity on the Internet have become unavoidable topics, many people choose to use a VPN. So, if you want to take the plunge and get a recognized and reliable VPN, now is the time. NordVPN, market leader, offers the most advantageous offer of the season: the 3 years of subscription are at € 2.62 / month instead of € 10.50 / month.

Attention, this reduction of 75% is only valid for 9 days: this is the moment where ever to discover this VPN that will protect your browsing on the Internet in a few clicks and on all your devices simultaneously.

A VPN, what for?

A virtual private network (VPN) is essential today if one wishes to protect one's privacy online. Useful at home, at work or outdoors on public Wi-Fi hotspots, it allows the user to remain anonymous on the Internet by domiciling his IP address within a server located in a country of his choice. Once connected to a server, the navigation data of the user are fully encrypted. No one has access to it – neither Internet service providers nor hackers. All login information and access to personal or business accounts are at the sole discretion of the user.

Imagine a VPN as a personal tunnel: thanks to it, you can enjoy the Internet with confidence, without any malicious attack from outside can not reach you.

NordVPN on macOS.

With the rapid development of video on demand, VPNs have also added a new string to their bow: they can bypass the geolocation (and by extension the restriction) of some major sites such as Netflix or YouTube. Convenient when traveling abroad and we want to continue watching our favorite shows, or the opposite when it comes to access some videos or VOD catalogs unavailable in France.

Little more? NordVPN is equipped with Cybersec, an activatable technology in the application settings that protects the user from unwanted and unwanted advertising, in addition to automatically blocking dangerous sites. And for maximum security, it is even possible for some servers to connect to Double VPN to encrypt your data twice.

NordVPN: there is no better for macOS and iOS

NordVPN is the most recognized private virtual network service provider in the world: with 5700 servers in more than 60 countries (from Canada to Japan, Ukraine and France), the software offers extremely stable connections and fast.

Once NordVPN is installed on macOS and your account is registered, a simplified map of the world appears, accompanied by the list of all available servers sorted by country. The interface, refined, is simple to handle:

NordVPN on macOS before the VPN connection.

From here, two choices are available to you:

  • Choose the country you want. The list on the left allows you to choose a country for yourself (the United States for example, if you want to take advantage of the US Netflix catalog). Note that for USA, Australia, Canada, India and Germany, you can even choose the city or region of your choice by clicking on the three small points next to the country (this function will be available soon) in France).

  • Or let yourself be guided. If you wish, you can let NordVPN select the best server available for you by clicking on "Quick connect" at the top right. This function will select the server closest to you (and not overloaded) to allow you to navigate as quickly as possible:

A macOS notification very quickly confirms the connection to the server.

To disconnect from a server, simply click on "Disconnect" at the top right, or simply close the application. Each action is simplified: you do not have to be a VPN pro to use it.

The NordVPN iOS app is just as fast and intuitive as macOS. The interface is nice and accessible for everyone and the app works perfectly. The "Quick connect" function is also always present:

NordVPN on iOS.

Like on macOS, this very useful function makes it possible to connect to the most suitable server. Internet browsing is secure in seconds:

The NordVPN iOS app is free on the App Storeet available in French. It is particularly useful when you often connect to public WiFi networks, for example, on the move. The same thing, it provides access to all entertainment sites, messaging applications and social networks from anywhere in the world, in a completely secure way. It is even possible to contact Customer Service in French directly from the application, 24h / 7d. You can also contact the support team by e-mail, and very soon by chat.

NordVPN on iOS, simple and effective.

Exclusive offer: -75% on the NordVPN subscription

It's the business of the return. Want to protect your data and your Internet surfing once and for all? This is the right moment, since the three-year subscription to NordVPN is -75%, or € 2.62 per month. An exclusive offer that carries the subscription to € 94.54 over three years instead of € 378.19.

An offer of very limited duration. Do not forget: there are only 9 days left to take advantage of this exceptional discount of 75%!

NordVPN subscriptions.

Do you have multiple devices? Note that NordVPN is available on other platforms: Windows, Linux and Android. There are even encrypted extensions for Chrome and Firefox as well as apps for Android TV. In addition, a single NordVPN account allows you to secure up to 6 devices simultaneously. Convenient.

-> Exclusive offer: I want to secure my browsing on the Internet, I choose NordVPN!

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