Within Nintendo Direct Japanese corporation said that on its hybrid console will be released Doom 64.
Later on official twitter Doom developers were asked whether the game will be released on any other platforms besides Switch. A rather vague answer was given to this.

Will Doom 64 come out on other platforms?
It would be great…

Earlier, the European Computer Games Rating System (PEGI) issued Doom 64 for PC and PlayStation 4 with an age rating of “16+”. So a tweet may be an additional hint. It is possible that the game will appear on the Xbox One, although no one gives exact dates yet.

Note that Doom 64 was released on Nintendo 64 in 1997 and has not since been ported to other platforms. Obviously, this is due to licensing restrictions, because the game was not developed id Software, but Midway games. On the PC there is only an unofficial version Doom 64 EX, so the interest of gamers in the appearance of the port is quite explainable.


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