Looking for a machine at a low price? The refurb can be a solution. We find again today Mac mini 2014 to 459 €. A configuration that could be suitable if you do not have too demanding needs for this machine, but still to do, we recommend you take a look at the range 2018, which is also well represented from 759 €.

Another old machine to point on the refurb: the old MacBook Air. The non Retina model that is available for sale at a price of 829 €. To be honest, we recommend you to eye on the second hand market, if your budget is very limited, or to look at the 2018 model that is sold from 979 €.

Also on the refurb, there are also MacBook Pro Retina without Touch Bar from 1169 € and MacBook Pro Touch Bar from 1489 €.

Speaking of old glories, note that Apple still offers for sale MacBook at 1269 €. But at this price, unless you are nostalgic, you will be recommended to go your way.

Note that Apple offers a wide choice of iMac (Pro). It goes from the iMac 21 "to 1099 € to the iMac Pro all options at 10679 € through the iMac 5K 1699 €.

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