Dr. Tamer Merhi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the Red Sea Governorate, announced the activity of public, central and quality hospitals during July.

Merhi confirmed that 25867 patients were admitted and 59439 were examined by outpatient clinics in hospitals, in addition to providing medical services in internal departments for 3672 cases, and 1084 operations were performed between major and minor and skilled.

347 normal and caesarean deliveries were performed, in addition to 1909 physiotherapy sessions were performed for 532 cases, 4377 cases were normal radiographs, 1154 ultrasound scans were performed, 687 CT scans were performed and 408 magnetic resonances were performed 180 ECO rays were performed on the heart, 653 cases were performed, Doppler was performed for 211 cases and 4 cases were performed. In addition, 2478 dialysis sessions were divided into three types of CB positive and negative for 236 patients. 116 newborns were received in kindergartens and 282 were received with general intensive care For the pulp, medium, brain and nerves.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in a statement, that the Directorate of Health Affairs in the province is intensifying to support hospitals with medicines and medical supplies and the availability of strategic stock, including to serve all patients in the Red Sea Governorate.


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