If you are looking for entertainment for your little ones, you should receive the new frequency of Birds of Paradise 2019 after it has been changed, as this channel is one of the five most popular channels for children programs, because of the quality of the content that you offer on its screen, as it is unique, and can not be shown on any Another children's channel, so you can follow paragraphs you can't follow when you set this channel on your receiver.

New frequency of birds of paradise 2019

Receiving the frequency of the birds of paradise 2019 There are countless entertainment programs that are displayed on the screen of this channel, whether on the NileSat or ArabSat, so we always direct advice from our Nile News Ngo need to adjust its frequency, and now we will give you a set of the most famous programs They offer on their golden screen for free.

Frequency channel Birds of Paradise Baby and its programs

Some of the most popular programs are Birds of Paradise: Set El Beit El Saghira, name and meaning, your voice is a treasure, Khatawi El Silawi, Fzoura with Amoura, Beit El Hajj, Jungle.There are also a special collection of songs and songs. Electrically, Bihon you, Cubes, Pray Pray, Mama roamed Baby, on your birthday, as well as on the screen featured special competitions during its programs, which host talented children and those who provide a group of young people, the most famous sons of Mekdad.

Frequency the moon FEC
11315 (v) Nile Sat 3/4
11392 (v) Nile Sat 3/4
11258 (h) Nile Sat 3/4
11785 (v) Nile Sat 3/4


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