The food company dr. Oetker warns of health risks for customers. A popular pizza of the group is called back because of plastic.

Bielefeld – The pizzas of Dr. med. Oetker are widely used. Now the company warns of "health risks" in a batch of the popular "oven fresh" and asks customers not to consume the affected product and bring it back to the supermarket.

Plastic Danger in Pizza: Dr. Oetker recalls popular strain

The reason for the recall, according to a press release on Tuesday (10 September): "It can not be ruled out that in some cases – due to a defect in the supply of raw materials – white plastic particles in the toppings of the pizza." The affected products were exclusively in Germany offered. Dr. Oetker asks customers to deliver the pizza "at the place of purchase where the product was purchased".

Plastic in Pizza: Dr. Oetker calls back "The oven fresh tuna"

Specifically affected is the tuna variety from "Die Ofenfrische" (GTIN: 4001724011149). Anyone who has such a pizza should balance the following characteristics:

  • The batch number is 28061911
  • The production date is 28.06.2019
  • The period of production of the product concerned is between 06.13 and 09.01
  • The expiration date is 03.2020.

Whoever finds this data on the package should not eat the pizza as a precaution and return it to the supermarket. Customers get the money back, other batches or products are not affected.

Further recalls: Supermarkets warn against consumption

Other foods are currently affected by recalls. B
            Lidl recently found a plastic part in a liverwurst – the group responded promptly with a nationwide recall. The supermarket chain Rewe warns of dangerous bacteria in a product and warns urgently against consumption. Also Edeka called back a popular product of the own brand "Good & Cheap", because some people could suffer an allergic shock.



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