We have seen it many times. It may be two or three or four or five or six that wants to kill him. But can not. Rambo Kill them first. Although the enemies have more weapons and more bullets, and he only has a knife. Although he is injured and the others are healthy and armored young, he kills them and survives. Even if he has a wound on his side, he cauterizes it with gunpowder and fire, drives a tank, uses a flamethrower or a rocket launcher and liquids as much as the enemy crosses his path.

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Rambo is not a killing machine. He is the killer of killing machines. In January last year, the Los Angeles Times published an article written by John Mueller, a political scientist at the University of Ohio who analyzed Rambo's murders during his first four films. The result is a genocide that exceeds the number of deaths resulting from the attack in the Marathon of Bostón and March 11 in Madrid combined.
According to Mueller, Rambo killed for the first time in 1982. The movie was called "First Blood" and the former Vietnam fighter only liquidated one person. But three years later it was when the bloodbath began. Rambo's second film recorded 58 deaths, the third 78 and the fourth, released in 2008 added 83.

The statistics provide other data of vital interest to the 'Rambomaniacs'. For example, Rambo kills more with his chest covered than bare: 129 with a pole or uniform on, 91 with a bare torso.

Also, another important lesson is that, the number of deaths per minute (since the first person dies until the end of the tape), has been increased in each film: 0.02 in the first, 1.18 in the second, 2.39 in the third and 3.04 in the fourth.

Finally, a detail that cannot be escaped: it seems that Rambo's violence is due to a sexual tension never released.

In none of the first four tapes is there a single sex scene. Rambo does not do it with either women or men. Rambo was a Vietnam veteran, a war that occurred while the shout "Make love and not war" became popular, it seems that Rambo did the opposite.

While Mueller's statistics are well documented. There are other sources that have a higher count of the deaths caused by Rambo. For example, the Fandom.com portal ensures that the character of Sylvester Stallone killed one person in the first movie, 75 in the second, 115 in the third and 254 in the fourth.

On the other hand, Stallone has been characterized by embodying easy trigger characters. Therefore, the IMBd movie database page places it in the 7th position of actors whose characters have caused the most deaths throughout their career. The total is 786. Who are the actors that surpass it?

The first place goes to Chinese actor Yu Wang, the biggest action movie star in his country counting 2477 deaths. Second place goes to Milla Jovovich with 1292 executions thanks to her character Alice in the Resident Evil saga. In third place is Jet Li with 1076 deaths. Then there is Dolph Lundgren with 919 deaths and Arnold Schwarzenegger with 819. In sixth place is Yun-Fat Chow with 810.

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