One from Belgium and one from Guayaquil. The communication through WhatsApp between Rafael Correa and Alexis Mera flowed smoothly, despite the distance and the difference in schedules, the months after the former left power and left the country.

Friends from adolescence at the end of the day, the former president and his former legal secretary talked about the situation of their relatives, the photos posted in their states, the political situation and, especially, the legal process by unlawful association within the plot of corruption of the Brazilian company Odebrecht that faced, in 2017, the then vice president Jorge Glas.

The chats contained in the telephone used by Mera when he was still a public official are part of the case file of the Bribes 2012-2016 case, in which the Prosecutor's Office investigates the delivery of money to the PAIS Alliance movement by state contractors.

Mera, Correa and Glas were linked to the case by the attorney general, Diana Salazar, along with 23 other people, including former public officials and businessmen. The first meets house arrest, the second has an arrest warrant and the other was sentenced to six years in prison for illegal association.

In August 2017 chats, Mera and Correa are worried about Glas's situation. The former secretary tells him that alleged evidence has already been made public that would relate him closely to his uncle, Ricardo Rivera, who was also sentenced months later.

Glas had said their relationship was distant.

Correa questions the veracity of the information delivered to the Prosecutor's Office on a USB device by a former Rivera collaborator in Satellite television. Alfredo Alcívar identified himself as the trustworthy man of the ex-president's uncle.

“Nobody takes away my feeling that what this guy Alfredo A.,‘ collaborator ’of Rivera, is a Senain play. By ‘chance’, the captain he contacted is from the DGI, ”Correa said.

On this case, Mera also spoke – a month later – with former private secretary of Correa Omar Simon, at the request of Glas.

According to the records, Mera tells Simon that the fact that emails on Rivera's computer were found about the strategic sectors – which the vice president handled – and lists of ‘recommended’, was serious. "I think he's going to fuck," he says.

Yesterday, during a radio interview Majesty, Correa admitted the truth of the chats with Mera. “Yes, and what is the problem, where is the crime. Everything I have said in the chats I have said publicly and I have nothing to hide … ”, said Correa and criticized that private information has been made public that has nothing to do with the issue. (I)


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