Rachel Legrain-Trapani has a soft spot for muscular men, she is served with her new companion.

In recent days, it was whispered that the former Miss France 30 years would be close to a certain Valentin Leonard. The young man with a very sculpted body is known to viewers for having participated in the most recent season of Marseille (W9). After maintaining the mystery around their nascent idyll, Rachel and Leonard have finally put an end to the suspense.

Currently on vacation on the Costa Brava side, in Spain, the new lovebirds were filmed kissing at a party. "Lovers", commented the author of these images, tagging them Enlacés, Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Valentin Léonard seem to spend a delicious moment.

Visibly very happy to have ended her celibacy, Rachel Legrain-Trapani shares the photos of her holidays on her Instagram page. In each of her publications, the columnist of TPMP People (C8) can count on his lover to come and put his little grain of sand.

For example, on August 23, 2019, the mother of little Gianni (5 years old) shared a picture of her on a boat, captioned: "When the dive king takes a picture of me …"She's referring here to her man."You really have a good photographer with you now", reacted Valentin Leonard in the section reserved for comments.uiiii ", answered Rachel, especially with a smiley heart.


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