On the occasion of the commemoration of the International Day for the Prevention of Suicide, the Administration of Mental Health and Against Addiction (ASSMCA), celebrated on Tuesday morning “Life is Chula Day”.

“For Governor Wanda Vázquez and our administration, working with the emotional health of Puerto Ricans is certainly a priority. Through the social project called “La Vida Es Chula”, we have impacted shopping centers, activities of social interest, universities and much more. Today, we arrived in Guaynabo with an ambitious initiative, but with the support of various sectors that contributed to its success. We continue working on initiatives that promote emotional well-being and suicide prevention, ”said ASSMCA Administrator Suzanne Roig Fuertes.

The event had the collaboration of the private sector, as well as professionals in the field of mental health. In addition, several government agencies joined the effort wearing an orange shirt and sharing a photo on social networks using #LaVidaEsChulaDay.

Similarly, ASSMCA staff visited various places throughout the Island to distribute educational material, presenting works related to suicide prevention in schools, theaters, aegis and other places, as well as recording videos with recognized figures exposing his reasons for why Life is Cool.

The activity in which the motto “La Vida Es Chula” similar to the human bond was recreated was carried out at the José “Pepito” Bonano Stadium, in Guaynabo. It also featured an artistic show, children's characters, as well as service fairs related to the topic of suicide prevention and mental health.

The administrator added that the “La Vida Es Chula” project continues with various initiatives that include the celebration of a festival. “These efforts will continue. For us one of the most important aspects is to work on prevention. Remind our people that there is always a more important reason to live. Life is cool for so many things, and we all have a reason to move on. ”

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