Drivers talked about the operation of the Korean crossover with automatic transmission. And the impressions were mixed.

Motorists on the network categorically do not like some aspects of the Hyundai Creta with an "automatic", but they do not deny that this transmission also has advantages. They talked about this in the VKontakte community about the Hyundai Creta, in response to a question from one of the drivers about whether to buy such a “Creta” or is it better to give preference to the classic “mechanics”.

“How is it for reliability and service?” Is there a lot of headache? ”, An inexperienced motorist is interested. Commentators explained to him that in terms of reliability, they have no special complaints about the Hyundai Creta automatic transmission, and he most often calmly drives 300,000 km without serious “jambs”, but, as always with the “Crete”, there are some reservations.

Several Korean bestseller owners have complained that they don’t like how the “machine” picks up transmissions. “At low speeds, he begins to choke, tired of watching them, constantly have to give kickdown. Of course, you can give more for gas, but what about those who prefer a more relaxed driving style and do not want to squeeze the sneaker on the floor? ”, Commentators lament.

However, to eliminate this problem, it is not necessary to be a racer. According to experienced Hyundai Creta drivers, you just need to teach the box to respond to the “desires” of the crossover owner: “How to train the box – turn the engine and don’t think about speed, and if it doesn’t work, then it’s better to sell the car, if you can’t drive normally ".

Summing up, commentators on the network said that the advantages of the Hyundai Creta with the “automatic” are much greater than the minuses, and the most important thing is to simply adapt to this box to feel “your own” both on the highway and on light terrain: “The machine itself is very reliable, but we need to get used to it. Creta, on the other hand, was originally a car not for racing, but for the money it rides very worthy. ”



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